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Cannonball Merlot, California 2016

Cannonball Merlot, California 2016

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Euphoria in a bottle. The aroma of the wine shows fresh berries, cayenne spice and dried walnuts with nuances of toasty oak. Begin with a full silky entry with sophisticated structure, wonderful concentration and playful texture peeking through, slowly building into an engaging finish of fresh cherries, rich chocolate and spiced cake. On the palate, the wine is medium-full bodied with classic Bordeaux proportions. The wine finishes with perfectly balanced texture and flavor and a refreshing brightness. An absolute pleasure to enjoy on its own, the lush ripe tannins of this Merlot also pair well with a wide range of foods including salmon, pork, root vegetables and aged cheeses. Its expansive persona has enough backbone to accompany red meats, Asian duck and pasta with rich sauces. Enjoy!

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